A few recent Cool Things™ that we've done.

Suraj Patel ran for Congress in New York's 12th Congressional District. An immigrant and millennial entrepreneur, Suraj's tech-savvy campaign and outspoken progressive activism represents a young, growing, and active segment of the voting population he's branded the #NewElectorate. He won 41% of the vote against 25-year incumbent Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.

Through a limited partnership with the Unity March for Puerto Rico and its Organizing Committee, Activate captured the spirit of the Puerto Rican diaspora with the goal of amplifying their voices and spurring restorative action for victims of natural disasters and colonial economics.

Celebrating victories with parties and interviews – not a bad way to end 2018!

Effective constituent representation goes beyond the election cycle. At Activate, we capture the conversations that happen every day at the level of municipal government – whether it's about taxes, development, or transparency. The granular mastery of issues displayed in these types of pieces helped the 2018 municipal slate in Berkeley Heights, NJ flip from a 5-1 minority to a 4-2 majority – the first time Democrats have taken control in 40 years.


This campaign ad for NYC Council candidate and Bronx native Justin Sanchez (and Activate’s first project) reached over 25,000 on Facebook and was viewed over 10,700 times in just a few short days – organically.