The Team

Activate was founded with acute self-awareness of who we are as people. First, we want to destroy the notion that talking politics in public is taboo. Second, we are old enough to have professional success, but young enough to create and conquer new, disruptive tactics. And third: we are, at our cores, storytellers.

With experience in strategic communications, content marketing, full stack web development, and more, we run the gamut required for a robust digital comms shop.

Dave Pilmenstein speaking at marketing conference

Dave Pilmenstein, President

Dave Pilmenstein is a young and dynamic digital storyteller with a passion for making things stand out from an unrelenting daily assault of noise. By leveraging experience in creative direction, social advertising, email, SEO, and persuasion media, Dave activates audiences – whether that’s quantified in votes, sales, or shares. Most recently, he helped flip his home Congressional district.

In his first few years after earning his Bachelor’s Degree at Rutgers Business School, he did agency work for National Geographic, Welch’s, Syfy, and more, with a hobby focus on small business – and added nonprofit and government work to his utility belt soon thereafter. It’s been working out nicely.

(Also, he makes a great Old Fashioned.)

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Michael CERISANO, Chief Technical Officer


Michael Cerisano is a driven, New York City-based filmmaker. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University New Brunswick, where his work on "Carbon Copy" – a biographical account of his own musically-inclined father – took home Best Documentary at the university's Film Festival.

After graduating, Cerisano worked for the largest lighting and audio company in the world, Production Resource Group, where he teched computers, microphones, intercom systems and cameras on Broadway and more. His later work at Reproductions and Actors Connection as Senior Editor and Cinematographer gave him the opportunity to film, produce, and edit multiple projects of varying subject and scope.


Matt Cerisano, Creative Lead

Matt is a talented filmmaker who splits his time between Activate and helping actors cut demo reels in Manhattan. A fellow Rutgers grad whose love for film and politics makes him a great addition to the team.