There's not much to write yet, but I wanted there to be something welcoming here.

So first of all, thanks for visiting the Activate Blog. Second of all, in the coming weeks we're going to be filling this with interesting stories, testimonials from previous clients, cool political ads we run into, and general commentary on digital strategy and politics at large.

Our hope is that this section of the site won't be used too much as a self-inflating apparatus, but rather act as an additionally useful resource for our visitors.

Here's a quick tidbit about how this company got started. Mike Cerisano and I have been friends for years. After we recognized a mutual passion in politics, we decided to team up and apply our various skillsets to forming a truly full-service agency. After a few successful projects, we decided we might as well get the legalese out of the way and brand ourselves with a core ethos rather than just "two wild and crazy guys [doing ads.]" Today, our team is expanding, but the core service remains consistent: we're trying to tell your stories the best we can.

I think in the months and years to come, we'll be telling a lot more great stories. I hope you tune in to the adventures that await.


All the best,

Dave Pilmenstein, President and CEO